Victor Journeyman II Edge 2.0 540/300 Plus Outfit - 0384-2110

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The Victor Journeyman II Edge 2.0 Plus with CGA 300 (female) acetylene regulator is an extra heavy duty welding & cutting outfit for industrial and commercial use. It features Victor's improved Edge 2.0 oxygen and acetylene regulators and comes complete with the H315FC+ torch handle with built-in flash arrestors and CA2460+ cutting attachment. The Journeyman II 2.0 includes one 1-101 cutting tip and one W-2 welding nozzle.

  • ESS42 Series regulators

  • WH 315FC+ torch handle with built-in fl ash arrestors and check valves

  • CA2460+ cutting attachment

NOTE: Will not fit "B" or "MC" size cylinder.


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Included with Product

  • EDGE 2.0 Oxygen Regulator - ESS42-60-540

  • EDGE 2.0 Acetylene Regulator - ESS42-15-300

  • Torch Handle w/Built-In Flashback Arrestors & Check Valves - 315FC

  • Cutting Attachment - CA 2460+

  • Cutting Tip - 1-1-101

  • Welding Nozzle - Size W2

  • 20' x 1/4" T-Grade Hose

  • Striker

  • Tip Cleaner

  • Soft-Sided Goggles - Shade 5

  • Operations Manual

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