Victor Edge 2.0 ESS42 HD Acetylene Regulator, CGA 510 - 0781-3602

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The Victor Edge 2.0 Series CGA 510 Acetylene regulator is a single-stage, heavy-duty gas regulator that features a large 2.5 inch, color-coded outlet pressure gauge and color-coded adjustment knob. The red outlet pressure (delivery pressure) adjustment knob allows you to quickly identify that you are using acetylene. Both the inlet pressure gauge (HP) and outlet pressure (LP) (delivery pressure) gauge are color-coded and protected by heavy duty metal gauge guards.

The Edge 2.0 Acetylene regulator has a stainless steel diaphragm and supplies smooth, consistent gas flow with delivery pressures up to 15 PSIG. SLAM pressure adjustment knob resists oxygen-related fires and absorbs the shock of a falling cylinder, enhancing safety.

  • Gas Pressure: 2 to 15 PSIG
  • Outlet: 9/16" - 18LH
  • Robust seat gives optimum performance
  • Consistent pressure and flow delivery
  • High resistance to oxygen related fires and SLAM knob absorbs impact in the event of a cylinder fall
  • CGA: 510
  • Lifetime Warranty

NOTE: If your acetylene tank has female valve threads, you should choose this CGA 510 Fitting


ESS42 Heavy Duty Edge 2.0 Regulators

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