CK Worldwide TL26-12-RSF FX 200A Trim-Line Flex Head TIG Torch, 12.5ft

Sale price$179.00


Trim-Line torches significantly reduce the size and weight of your torch while maintaining similar amperage capacity.

  • Larger coolant passage in head
  • Flex head a maximum of 40 degrees from centerline. See below for more details and recommendations.
  • 200 amp ACHF or DCSP @ 100%
  • 3 Series Head Accessories

CK Worldwide offers a complete line of industry standard torch models. Standard features include: Brass instead of copper head (eliminate seizing, stripping or galling of threads) Fail-Safe hose fittings (no wire ties required) Silicon rubber insulation provides best protection against high frequency leakage WARNING: Do not start bending your torch right out of the box! Strike a couple of arcs to warm up the coils inside the torch body for easier bending. Once warmed up, you are ready for bending the flexible area, generally, the area between where the handle starts and just about 1/2″ before the head. Maximum 40 degrees from centerline. Keep amount of flexes to a minimum. Spread bend over entire neck of torch.

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