CK Worldwide 150A 17 Series Replacement TIG Torch Body

Torch Style: Rigid
Sale price$28.00 Regular price$44.00


CK 17 series torches are the best selling TIG torch in the world! These torches are constructed with a hardened brass alloy head to reduce thread damage and prevent galling and seizing of the collet body. CK torches have a large metal head insert, which ensures maximum cooling and longer torch life. 17 series torches are rated up to 150 amps and accept 3 series (10N) consumables.


  • Capacity - 150 amps
  • Duty cycle - 100% @ 150 amps
  • Length - 8.5" to 8.75"
  • Weight - 3 to 5 oz
  • Available as a flexible or rigid head
  • More efficient heat dissipation
  • Hardened brass head
  • Air-cooled
  • Made in USA
*Does not include torch handle! Handle part number is CKWHM

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