Victor G150-100-CP Tote Outfit w/o Tanks - 0384-0943

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The G150 Series Portable Tote Outfit is designed for light fabrication and HVAC making it perfect for professionals and hobbyists alike. The molded plastic carrying case features a durable design and ergonomic handle making this outfit convenient for applications that require portability. Built-in storage compartments allow for easy access and organization of your consumables and accessories. This package (0384-0943) does not include tanks.

Included With Product 

  • G150 Oxygen Regulator (0781-4241)
  • G150 Acetylene Regulator (0781-4240)
  • Victor Tote Case
  • 12.5 ft. 3/16 Dual Gas Hose
  • Torch Handle w/ Check Valves (101-01FP)
  • Cutting attachment, Cutting tip
  • Heating Nozzle
  • Welding Nozzle
  • Striker
  • Goggles


Victor G150 Regulator Fact Sheet Cover


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