Victor EDGE 2.0 ESS32-60-540 S/S Oxygen & Acetylene Regulator Bundle

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Exclusive Baker's Gas Bundle with the Edge 2.0 ESS32 Oxygen and Acetylene regulators.

Victor EDGE Series 2.0 patented regulators are second generation, heavy duty single stage regulators that reset the standard for industrial regulators. New and improved gauge designs incorporate larger faced delivery gauge (low pressure) with high contrasted colored face for easy setting. Enhanced color-coded knob designs provide more comfortable operations.
  • Fully enclosed, highly visible modular gauges for more clarity with robust metal gauge guard.

  • Large 2 in. (50.8 mm) delivery gauge.

  • Robust seat gives optimum performance.

  • Consistent pressure and flow delivery.

  • High resistance to oxygen related fires and SLAM knob absorbs impact in the event of cylinder fall.

  • 0 - 60 PSIG.

Great option for a low pressure application. 

Included with Product

Edge Oxygen Regulator 0781-3627

Edge Acetylene Regulator 0781-3628


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Victor EDGE 2.0 Regulator Spec Sheet

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