Versa-Torch™ Acetylene Outfit w/Tanks - VT-4T

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This is one of the most versatile systems on the market. A broad selection of cutting, welding and specialty attachments makes the Versa-Torch ideal for manufacturing, maintenance and repair, air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, metal fabrication, jewelry, metal sculpture and many other applications. The Versa-Torch outfit features a lightweight nickel-plated torch handle and cutting attachment. The high-density polyethylene carrier is rugged and lightweight. Outfit also includes gas cylinder and reverse flow check valves for added safety plus safety and operations manual.


  • Torch handle (AW1A)
  • Cutting attachment (AC309)
  • Oxygen Regulator (30-100-540)
  • Acetylene Regulator (30-15-200)
  • Cutting Tip (MC12-00)
  • 3 Welding Tip Ends (LT103, LT104 & LT106)
  • Heating Tip & Tube (13716 & AT60)
  • Torch and Cylinder Carrier (13493)
  • Oxygen Cylinder (OC20)
  • Acetylene Cylinder (2329E)
  • Cylinder Key (2328)
  • 12.5-ft 3/16" Twin Hose (RA921)
  • Friction Lighter (N113ANB)
  • Safety Glasses (78000)
  • Regulator Mount Check Valves (H698)
  • Operations Manual
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