Tweco Velocity2 Spray Master 250A MIG Gun, Miller, 10' - 1023-1280

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The Spray Master MIG Gun receives Velocity Medium and Heavy Duty consumables to create a new line of MIG guns, the Spray Master V-Series. Spray Master V-Series maintains the features that made the original Spray Master legendary:

  • Compact Ergonomic Handle Design is preferred by many for comfort and maneuverability while reducing operator fatigue
  • Extended Length Trigger allows welders to adjust and reposition they grip for access, comfort and to avoid radiated heat. Adjusting your grip helps avoid repetitive motion, thus reducing fatigue.
  • Fully Rotatable Conductor Tube allow welders further options to reconfigure the MIG Gun form factor to solve access issues, improve maneuverability, as well as reducing fatigue and adjusting for comfort.
  • Thick-Walled, Three-Layer Conductor Tube is designed for heavy duty cycle applications.
  • Maintain the Original Tweco Cable hose in a 250 Amp version that provides the required electrical and thermal conductivity along with cable flexibility that is best in class.

Spray Master V-Series is outfitted with Velocity, a revolutionary new approach in MIG consumables that will change the game in terms of welder productivity. Velocity was designed by welders for welders.

1023-1277 spec sheet

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