Tweco Spray Master 250A MIG Gun, 8-Pin, 15' - 1023-1140

Sale price$475.00 Regular price$510.00


250A MIG gun available in Tweco/Miller/Lincoln/Euro-KWIK connections. For GMAW, FCAW, and aluminum GMAW applications.
Compatible with the ESAB Rebel 215 EMP and ESAB Rebel 205 AC/DC


  • Durable, thick-walled, three-layer conductor tube provides higher electrical conductivity and acts as a heat-sink
  • Heavy-duty contact tips and diffusers increase tip life and decrease downtime
  • Engineered to pivot at the center of the handle for ease of use in all welding positions, reducing operator fatigue
  • Extended trigger length keeps hands away from the arc
  • Steel spring strain relief provides support to the Cablehoz® coming out the rear of the handle to minimize wire feed issues
  • Optional mechanical locking trigger - Identified with "LC" Part No. suffix
  • Front and rear spring strain relief and cable support
  • Compact, ergonomic handle design
  • Durable metal jacketed conductor tube
  • Patented, extended life consumables

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