Tweco Robotics RWC26-62 Nozzle (5/8) Nickel Plate, Tip Recess, 2/Pk - 1264-1431

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  • Easy identification - Part No. rolled stamped on the outside surface
  • Designed to work with robotic/fixed automation MIG guns
  • Bottle shaped geometry
  • Nozzle threads onto the outer jacket assembly of water-cooled conductor tubes
  • Used in medium to heavy duty welding application up to 600 amperes
  • Straight ID bore at the front end of the nozzle - allows proper cleaning of the side walls to ensure good gas flow through the nozzle.
  • Ideal nozzle to use with a nozzle cleaning station generally incorporated in robotic weld cells.
  • Nozzle housing is machined from tellurium copper alloy bar to ensure consistent dimensional stability and an efficient dissipation of heat
  • A spatter shield is included with each nozzle made from G7 silicone material

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