Tweco Fusion 180 MIG Gun 12', 4-Pin - 1017-1331

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  • Tweco Style (4 Pin) Rear Connector
    • Easy to Maneuver in various welding positions to reduce operator fatigue
    • Rugged Design with steel spring strain relief- built tough to last
    • Ergonomic Handle Design with diamond pattern for better grip and greater operator appeal
    • Impact-Resistant handle and Components for long-lasting durability
    • Microswitch Trigger designed for dependability
    • Optimized Electrical Surface Contact with improved arc stability
    • Velocity Consumables for longer life and improved performance
    • Easy to Change Velocity Tips no threads, no tools needed
    • Fewer Consumables Parts to replace resulting in lower cost of ownership
    • Contact Tips can be rotated to optimize life requiring fewer changes thus reducing cost of usage
    • Solid Copper Conductor Path with fewer connections
    • Smooth, Stable Arc for a superior welding performance
    • Optimized Wire Feedability with centered liner
    • Best in Class Performance

Tweco Fusion 180 Spec Sheet

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