Tweco Eliminator 3.183" 0.625" Bore EL22CT Series MIG Nozzle, 2/pk - 1260-1627

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Tweco® Coarse Threaded Brass Nozzle with 0.625" bore size is perfect for standard gas diffuser. 3.183" Nozzle with 0.875" OD making it ideal for use in light to medium duty welding application up to 250 A. It features part number rolled stamped on the external surface for easy identification. Nozzle with recess contact tip relationship 0.125-0.156" is made from copper alloy. It has a 3-piece design without an additional insulator includes a nozzle housing, which is cut and formed from 122 DHP copper alloys tubing, a nozzle insert machined from a solid brass and nozzle insulator constructed from silicone material. It has nozzle insert that allows machining of internal threads in order to match the gas diffuser. It features threads on the standard EL gas diffuser. Nozzle offers electrical insulation required from the gas diffuser using the nozzle insulator.

  • Part# is rolled/stamped on the outside surface
  • 3-piece design - does not require an additional insulator
  • Nozzle housing - cut and formed from 122 dhp copper alloy tubing
  • Nozzle insulator - made from g7 silicone material, providing the electrical insulation needed from the gas diffuser
  • Nozzle Insert - machined from a solid brass allow and machining the internal threads to match the gas diffuser
  • Threads onto a standard EL gas diffuser
  • Recessed Tips are generally used for higher heat applications where longer electrical stick-out is required, or in cases where the nozzle may touch the work piece (tack, spot, and stitch)
  • Flush Tips are generally used where a shorter electrical stick-out is used sometimes resulting in shorter/tighter arc lengths, bringing the tip closer to the work piece
  • Protruding Tips are generally used when welding open root pipe or any joint that requires the welder to get into a tight weld joint. However, the down side to this is the chance of arcing the tip to the work piece, which could damage front end parts resulting in downtime needed to replace.
  • Thread-on

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