Tweco 21 Series 21T-37 Nozzle (3/8, Tapered) Tip Recess - 2/pk - 1210-1300

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  • Easy identification - Part No. rolled stamped on the outside surface
  • Tapered nozzle
  • 3-piece design - does not require an additonal insulator
  • Nozzle threads onto the gas diffuser
  • Used in light to medium duty welding application up to 180 amperes
3-piece nozzle design, includes:
  • Nozzle Housing - Cut and Formed from 122 DHP copper alloy tubing
  • Nozzle Insert - machined from a solid brass allow and machining the internal threads to match the gas diffuser
  • Nozzle insulator - made from G7 silicone material, providing the electrical insulation needed from the gas diffuser

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