Tillman 1445 Drivers Glove w/ OilX & Para-Aramid Lining

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Tillman's 1445 premium Goatskin drivers gloves are protected with OilShield, a molecular additive that repels oil grease and liquids from penetrating the leather. Tillman’s OilX coating causes oil and liquids to bead off the leather keeping hands protected, clean and dry.

Tillman's OilX is infused into the leather during the tanning process so the leather is thoroughly treated. OilX will not wash off. As gloves and leather wear, OilX is still protecting.


  • ANSI A6 Cut protection is achieved with a Para-Aramid lining for unbeatable cut resistance, dexterity and comfort.
  • Tillman’s supple top grain Goatskin providing that broken-in feeling with great dexterity to get work done.
  • OilX oil and liquid-resistant treatment is added in the tanning process for deep protection from water and oil keeping hands dry.
  • Oil and water bead and roll off the top grain leather.
  • Top grain Goatskin outwears other leathers of the same weight and offers outstanding tactile sensitivity in grimy conditions.
  • Shirred wrist slips on easily and stays on.
  • OilX coating will not wash off.
  • Black color hides dirt and grime.

ANSI A6 Cut Resistance

ANSI Level 4 Abrasion Resistance

ANSI Level 4 Puncture Resistance

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