Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 40 Plasma Cutter - 1-4000-1

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The Cutmaster 40 with SL60 1Torch is the perfect combination of end-user insight, advanced technology, and intelligent design. Packed with power and offering the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class, the Cutmaster 40 with SL60 1Torch also has best in class cutting arc length and the most empowering and engaging user experience no matter the application.
Product Features:
  • Built for portability and durability with the integral multi-handle design
  • 40% Duty Cycle depending on application. Automatic voltage input detection from 110-240V and will automatically set the max output. 27 amps for 110 and 40 amps for 200-240V
  • Industrial SL60 1Torch quick disconnect with ATC (Advanced Torch Connector)
  • Up to 12 mm (1/2 in.) recommended pierce and cut capacity with maximum sever of 25 mm (1 in.)
  • Cutmaster Black Series electrode included for up to 60% longer life of consumable parts
  • Industry leading 4-year warranty on power supply and 1-year warranty on torch
Quick Specs:
  • Pierces - 1/2"
  • Recommended Cut - Up to 1/2"
  • Gas Flow - 300-500 cfh (142-235 I/min)
  • Gas Pressure - 6.2-8.6 bar (90-125 psi)
  • Gas Requirements - Compressed Air
  • 110 or 220 power
  • 22lbs with 3 lift points

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