Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 102 Plasma Cutter, 50ft Torch - 1-1331-1

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The Cutmaster 102 weighs in at 62 lbs and provides 100 amps of cutting power. This unit’s light weight compact design combined with multiple voltage selection makes it the most portable and powerful cutting machine available. This unit combined with the 1Torch® has a maximum cut capacity of 1 3/4" (45 mm). More cut capacity than any other system in its class!
  • Front Panel LEDs indicate status conditions for maximum efficiency.

  • Storage compartment for convenient access to spare parts and consumables.

  • Versatile 1Torch with ATC disconnect makes it easy to add lead extensions or convert to a machine torch.

  • True Guard roll bar provides easy transportation and protection for unmatched durability.

  • Multi-voltage allows operation from 208 to 480 Volts in a single power supply.

  • Auto Pilot Restart feature instantly reignites the pilot arc while cutting expanded metals.

  • Lighter weight design for maximum portability.



Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 102 Spec Sheet


Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 102 Consumables Chart


  • Operating Manual

  • 10 ft. (3.0m) Input Power Cable, Work Cable without 20 Amp Plug (460V) and Clamp

  • 1Torch SL100, 75 deg. Head

  • Power Supply

  • Spare Parts Kit

  • 50 ft. (6.1m) Lead


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