Tabletops [MAX Slotted]

Finish: Standard
Sizes: 8' x 4' (94" x 46")
Sale price$4,360.50 Regular price$4,845.00


All BuildPro® Tabletops below have 5/8 thick steel plate, with ∅5/8 holes in a 2″ grid pattern and 1.7″ slots between plates except MAX tables. The nitriding (heat-treating) process is a mechanical polish and post salt bath oxidative treatment. The benefits of this process include weld spatter resistance and corrosion and wear resistance.

We also provide same robust BuildPro® frame, with half the plates of the 4′ table (3 plates) for space-saving, heavy duty work platform that suits your work space. It is especially suited for robot weld stations for small parts. The compact and light tops make shuttle table mounting easier.

  • Surface hardness: HV 550
  • Coefficient of friction: 0.37
  • Nitriding case depth: 0.0004″ – 0.0008″

Add Leveling Pad Feet to your BuildPro® Tabletop to create a low height table.

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