Tabletops [Alpha 5/8]

Dimensions: 10 x 5 ft (120" x 60") (TA5-12060Q-N)
Sale price$9,139.00 Regular price$9,620.00


All top and side plates of alpha tabletop are constructed from heat-treated steel, hardened to 550 Vickers, and finished with a nitrite coating with a case depth of .0004-.0008″.

The precision machined self-locating steel plates and reversible top plates enable each table plate to be removed and flipped 180 degrees to expose a new working surface if the top side has been damaged or worn down.

The five-sided tabletops feature a 5-1/2″ side plate combined with the top plate to create a 6″ height. Side plates feature an extended 5 borehole pattern for added precision and adjust-ability.

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