Rhino Cart 48" x 30" with Fixturing Package

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Increase your clamping and fixturing capabilities, and be ready to handle new projects with the Rhino Cart and Fixturing Kits.

The Rhino Cart® Mobile Fixturing Station is a turnkey system for fixturing and clamping in welding and fabrication. Clamp and fixture at any point on the reversible, flat ground, nitrided (heat treated) 48″ x 30″ tabletop for accuracy in all of your setups.

Quickly clamp and fixture at any point on the surface. Accurately setup stock for each new project.

  • Surface ground for flatness on both sides and reversible
  • Heat Treated (Nitrided) for wear and spatter resistance

Table Details:

Tabletop Size:  48″ x 30″
Top Plate Thickness: 0.630″ ±0.004
Tabletop Flatness: ±0.015″ per 24″ x 24″
Hole Diameter: 5/8″
Grid Pattern: 2″ x 2″
Table Height: 36″
Static Loading Capacity: 1,500 lb

U.S. PAT. 9896117

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