Miller XR-Aluma-Pro A Gun, 35 ft - 301570

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Miller® XR-Aluma Pro™ A Gun - 35ft. 301570 (Air Cooled) push pull gun for your miller powersource. 

The Miller® XR™ push-pull MIG gun, 35 ft., is designed to deliver optimum results when feeding aluminum MIG welding wire and other soft alloy wires. The XR system offers the versatility to handle everything from light-gauge to heavy-plate applications.

The XR-Aluma Pro™ A Gun has been designed to maximize comfort and convenience and will plug directly into your larger Millermatic® MIG welder, XR-AlumaFeed™ wire feeder or the XR Push-Pull module.

Higher Amperage Capacity

Offers larger amperage range and duty cycle for heavy industrial welding, compared to the light version. 

Industrial Design 

Gun cable is durable to withstand industrial environments and resist damage. Tigger hold helps to reduce fatigue by allowing operators to weld without holding the gun trigger. Still light weight at less than 3lbs. 

Best Feeding Performance

Smooth wire feeding performance with 4000 or 5000 series aluminum wires.

Included with Product

  • Drive roll for .030 thru 1/16 diameter wire
  • Idler roll
  • Inlet guide

  • Specifications

    xr alumna


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