Miller Subarc AC/DC 1000 Digital Submerged Arc Welder - 907620

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The Miller Subarc AC/DC 1000 Digital series welders are the industry standard for submerged arc welding. Miller offers three different power source options, three interface controls, and a range of wire drive motors and accessories.

• Digital process control technology
• Highly reliable thyristor power regulation
• Digital control improve performance and integration
• Standard Modbus connection
• Thermal overload protection
• Line voltage compensation
• Fan-on demand

Quick Specs
460V, 3-Phase Only
• Amperage Range: 300-1,250A in CC mode
• Rated Output: 1,000A @ 44V, 100% Duty Cycle
• Amperage Draw: 122A @ 460V
• Dimensions: 30" H x 23" W x 38" D
• Weight: 1,187 lbs

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