Miller MDX-250 MIG Gun 15ft - 1770043

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The best welding gun is the one you never have to think about because it’s comfortable, it’s durable and it gets the job done. MDX Series MIG guns have been designed to be exactly that. The ergonomic handle features over molding for improved grip and a rear swivel strain relief for reduced welder fatigue. The gun’s AccuLock consumables with dual-locked, front-loading liner ensures smooth, consistent wire-feeding for reliable operation.

  • Ergonomic handle improves grip and reduces welder fatigue.

  • Long-life Consumables Miller AccuLock S Series consumables available on this MDX-250 Gun.

  • Compatibility. This gun is compatible with the Millermatic 212 Auto-Set, 252, 255 as well as the Multimatic 200 and 255.

  • Duty Cycle is 100% with CO2 and 60% with mixed gas

Standard Wire Size - .035 - .045

Click the image below to view full spec sheet.

MDX 250 Series MIG Gun Spec Sheet

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