Miller Maxstar 400 DC TIG Welder Complete w/Wireless Foot Control - 951874

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The Miller Maxstar 400 TIG Welder is a powerful, compact power source capable of welding up to 5/8 inch material. Its high speed pulse control provides maximum productivity and weld quality while conserving energy compared to traditional welding machines. You're getting the water-cooled package and wireless foot control when you pick this item.

DC TIG Features
Blue Lightning - High Frequency Arc Starter
For more consistent non-contact starts and greater reliability compared to traditional HF arc starters.

120 V Auxiliary Power
The Maxstar 400 has a 120 V auxiliary power receptacle for the cooling system or small tools.

Auto-Line Power Management Technology
Allows for any input voltage hookup (208 - 575 V) with no manual linking, providing convenience in any job setting. Ideal solution for dirty or unreliable

Other TIG Features
• Exceptionally smooth and precise arc for welding exotic materials.
• High-speed DC TIG pulse controls; Pulse frequency capable of pulsing 5000 pulses per second. Pulsing adds arc stability, reduces heat input and warpage and can increase travel speeds. Other parameters include peak amperage, peak time and background amperage.

Stick Features (DC)
Program memory
Program memory features 9 independent program memories that maintain/save your parameters.

Meter Calibration
Allows meters to be calibrated for certification.

Other Stick Features
• Tailored arc control (DIG) allows the arc characteristics to be changed for specific applications and electrodes. Smooth running 7018 or stiffer, more penetrating 6010.
• Hot Start adaptive control provides positive arc starts without sticking.

Comes complete with:
• Quick Reference Guide: English | Spanish
• 8 ft (2.4 m) primary cord
• DVD set-up video (251116)
• Coolmate 3.5 Coolant System
• Wireless Remote Foot Control (300429)
• 25ft (7.6 m) Weldcraft CS310 water-cooled torch
• Torch cable cover
• CS310AKC torch accessory kit includes: shielding cups, collets, collet bodies, and 2% cerium tungsten electrodes (1/16, 3/32, and 1/8 in)
• Smith regulator/flowmeter HM2051A-580
• Gas hose(regulator to machine)
• 15 ft (4.6 m) 1/0 weld lead with clamp (work or ground lead) and Dinse connector
• 4 gallons of pre-mixed low-conductivity coolant (043810)

Cart with the following features:
• Single cylinder rack
• Foot pedal holder
• (3) Cable/torch holders
• (2) TIG electrode filler holders

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