Miller Dynasty 400 TIG Welder - 907717

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The Dynasty 400 TIG welder features a 400 amp output with capabilities of welding 5/8" material. As always, the Dynasty series are AC/DC machines, allowing the user to weld mild steel, stainless, and aluminum. The Dynasty 400 comes with "auto-line" technology, allowing any input voltage hookup between 208-575V, single or three-phase. These welders include an integrated cooler power supply (CPS), helping to keep your shop floor less cluttered with power cords. The Dynasty series welders feature the most advanced waveform technology available, while offering complete balance control for great looking aluminum welds.

• Auto-Line technology
• Cooler Power Supply (CPS)
• Fan-on-demand
• Lift-Arc
• Blue lightning high frequency
• 9 Program memory settings
• Auto-Postflow
• Dig and hot start stick capabilities
• 500 pulses per second on AC

Quick Specs
• Input Power - 208-575 V
• Amperage Range - 3-400 A
• Weld Thickness - 5/8" steel or aluminum
• Rated Output - 300 A at 32V, 60% Duty Cycle on 3-Phase
• Weight - 134 lbs
• Power Cord - 8 foot (No plug attached)
• Generator Requirement - 20 KW

• Dynasty 400 Power source
• Setup DVD and quick reference guide
• Two 50mm Dinse-style connectors

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