Miller Big Blue 400 Pro ArcReach Kubota Welder/Generator - 907732001

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The Miller Big Blue 400 Pro ArcReach series diesel welder generators offer 10,000 continuous watts and 400 amp welding output. ArcReach technology allows the user to have full amperage control at the feeder rather than traveling back to the power source. All controls are automatically shifted to the ArcReach feeder once you connect the lead from the power source.

ArcReach Benefits
• Cable Length Compensation (CLC)
• No Expensive Control Cords
• Improved Jobsite Safety
• Maximize Fleet Compatibility with ArcReach Power Sources
• More Operator Control

• Digital Meters with SunVision Technology
• Simple-to-set Controls
• Industrial USB Port
• Adjustable Hot Start
• Automatic Engine Idle
• 120V Block Heater
• Low OCV Stick
• Thermal Overload Protection
• Standard 14-Pin Receptacle
• HD Powder Coat resists Rust and Corrosion
Quick Specs
• Processes: Stick, MIG, Flux-Cored, DC TIG, Air Carbon Arc
• Output: DC Stick 20-400A | DC TIG 20-400A | FCAW/MIG 14-40V
• Generator Output: 12,000W Peak | 10,000W Continuous
• Sound Level: 66 dB @ Idle | 71.6 dB @ Weld
• Dimensions: 32" H x 26.25" W x 56" L
• Weight: 950 lbs

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