Miller AccuLock S MDX-250 Thread-On Nozzle, 5/8" Flush - N-A5800C

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Miller AccuLock S MIG nozzle is designed for the Miller MDX-250 welding MIG gun. Nozzle is all copper with 5/8 inch bore with a flush tip. The S Series is made to last longer and withstand industrial applications.

Stays Tight - Threaded nozzle stays tight during use / cleaning due to the steel retaining ring on the diffuser.

Optimized Wire-Feeding - AccuLock consumables system centers and locks the liner into position at the front and back of the gun for a flawless wire-feed path from the feeder to the contact tip.

Thread-On Nozzle, 5/8" Orifice, Flush Tip, Copper.

*Compatible with the MDX-250 Series MIG Gun

*Package of 1 or 10


Miller AccuLock Contact Tips Spec Sheet


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