Miller AccuLock MDX-100 MIG Consumable Kit

Wire Diameter: .023"
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Optimized Wire Feeding

AccuLock consumables system centers and locks the liner into position at the front and back of the gun for the flawless wire feed path from the feeder to the contact tip. Reduce burn backs, bird nesting and erratic arc.

Cooling Tail

Contact Tip Tail us cooled inside the diffuser by shielding gas.

Tapered Connection

Taper connection locks the contact tip to the diffuser for excellent electrical conductivity.

Quick Tip Replacement

Coarse thread speeds contact tip replacement.

Stays Tight

Threaded nozzle stays tight during use / cleaning due to the steel retaining ring on the diffuser.

Included with Product

Each standard blue kit includes:

  • 10 Contact Tips
  • 1 Diffuser
  • 1 Nozzle
  • 1 Nozzle Insulator (if applicable)

Each Baker's Exclusive XL Consumable Kit Includes:

  • 20 Contact Tips
  • 2 Diffusers
  • 2 Nozzles
*The Baker's XL Consumable Kit for the MDX-100 is .030" - .035"
  • Miller AccuLock .030" Contact Tips, 10/pk - T-M030
  • Miller AccuLock .035" Contact Tips, 10/pk - T-M035
  • Miller AccuLock Thread-On Brass Nozzle, 2/pk - NS-M1200B
  • Miller AccuLock Diffuser, 2/pk - D-M100

$99.99 Value if purchased separately 

MDX MIG Gun Specifications

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Miller MDX MIG Gun Spec Sheet

MDX Consumable Chart 

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MDX Consumable Chart


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