Heavy-Duty Propane Straight Torch Kit - HBA-30510LP

Sale price$938.28


These heavy-duty outfits feature our proven in-tip gas mixing technology for propane/LP and propylene fuel gases. Comes with Series 30™ regulators and includes reverse flow check valves. The outfits feature a rugged cutting attachment and torch handle that are covered by the Miller True Blue warranty.


  • Torch Handle (WH200A)
  • Cutting Attachment (SC209)
  • Oxygen Regulator(30-100-540)
  • LPG Regulator (30-50-510)
  • Cutting Tip (SC40-1)
  • Heating Tip (ST615)
  • 20-ft 1/4" Twin Hose (TRL1131)
  • Friction Lighter (N113ANB)
  • Safety Glasses (78000)
  • Tip cleaner (N250)
  • Regulator Mount Check Valves (H698)
  • Operations Manual
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