Evolution T210TCT-68CS | 8-1/4 in. | 68T | 1 in. Arbor | Thin Steel and Ferrous Metal TCT Blade

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Faster than a band saw, less dust, heat & mess than abrasive discs, the Evolution 210mm thin-steel cutting 68 tooth saw blade is designed to deliver maximum cutting performance and precision to metalworkers and fabricators.

Evolution saw blades deliver maximum performance by using the highest grade carbide, hardened blade bodies & ultra high-grade brazing techniques. All offer premium quality to increase production & performance!

If you need faster, more accurate, cleaner metal cuts that are cool enough to handle immediately and ready to weld straight off the saw then it’s time to start cutting with Evolution’s TCT metal cutting blades.


Dia. Ø: 8-1/4 In.
Max. Speed: 3750rpm
Bore Ø: 1 In.
Kerf: 2.4mm
Teeth: 68
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