Evolution FW255TCT-60 | 10 in. | 60T | 1 in. Arbor | Fine Wood TCT Blade

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The Evolution 10in Fine Wood cutting saw blade features 60 Tungsten Carbide Tipped teeth and is designed to deliver the smoothest and sharpest cuts in sheet, ply, and hardwood when paired with an Evolution 10 In. Table Saw and the cleanest cuts in our 10 In Miter Saws.

The best circular saw blade for fine wood cutting has been made possible by optimizing the geometry of every tooth, adjusting tooth pitch, offset, taper, and top profile. Hence, you get the smoothest cuts, the finest finish, and the longest blade life. It's great with hardwood and spot-on for cross-cuts. If you’ve ever needed a better cut from a blade, then this is the blade for you.

Evolution saw blades are created to deliver maximum performance and value for money. Using only the highest-grade carbide for the sharpest teeth, hardened blade bodies for low run out, reduced vibration, and ultra-high-grade brazing techniques to bring it all together. Trust Evolution Blades to deliver the premium performance you need on your next project.


Dia. Ø: 10 inch
Max. Speed: 5200rpm
Arbor Ø: 1 inch
Kerf: 0.094 inch
Teeth: 60

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