ESAB Rogue ET 200IP PRO DC TIG/Stick Welder - 0700500073

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The ESAB Rogue 200iP PRO is a robust and durable power source capable of 200 amp output. This welder is a dual voltage, single phase unit, with arc force and hot start settings to help the user find the exact arc for the job. This Rogue has several TIG adjustments - pre-flow, start current, ramp up time, ramp down time, finish current, and post-flow. Additionally, this model has a pulsing feature with frequency up to 500 HZ for better heat input control. Being digital, the microprocessor precisely controls all functions and provides best-in-class welding performance across the amperage range of the machine. The Rogue is capable of using 5/32" electrodes (6000 series electrodes).

The Rogue is DC TIG capable, it will not TIG weld aluminum but does have a HF arc start. This unit accepts the w4014450 foot control if you would like variable TIG amperage control.

• Dual Voltage Input
• High Frequency Arc Starts (TIG)
• Superior Arc Characteristics
• Generator Compliant
• Easy to Use
• Practical Design
• Robust Design
• PFC Ensures Stable Arc

Quick Specs
• Voltage: 120/230V | Single-Phase
• Current Range: 10-200A
• Stick Duty Cycle: 230V - 60% @ 129A
• TIG Duty Cycle: 230V - 60% @ 129A
• Dimensions: 10.4" H x 6" W x 15.8" L
• Weight: 21.2 lbs

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