ESAB Miniarc Rogue ES 180I DC Stick/TIG Welder - 0700500070

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The ESAB Miniarc Rogue is a robust and durable power source capable of 180 amp output. This welder is a dual voltage, single phase unit, with arc force and hot start settings to help the user find the exact arc for the job. Being digital, the microprocessor precisely controls all functions and provides best-in-class welding performance across the amperage range of the machine. The Rogue is capable of using 5/32" electrodes (6000 series electrodes), and has a dedicated setting for 6010 rods.

The Rogue is DC TIG capable, however it will not TIG weld aluminum. Simply add a 9 or 17 series TIG torch with built in gas valve (50 mm) connection and you're ready to TIG weld. This unit accepts the w4014450 foot control if you would like variable TIG amperage control.

• Dual Voltage Input
• Superior Arc Characteristics
• Generator Compliant
• Easy to Use
• Practical Design
• Robust Design
• PFC Ensures Stable Arc

Quick Specs
• Voltage: 120/230V | Single-Phase
• Current Range: 10-180A
• Stick Duty Cycle: 120V - 60% @ 65A | 230V - 60% @ 116A
• TIG Duty Cycle: 120V - 60% @ 81A | 230V - 60% @ 116A
• Dimensions: 10.4" H x 6" W x 13.5" L
• Weight: 18.2 lbs

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