ESAB EMP 210 Multi Process 200A Welder - 0700503200

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The revolutionary ESAB EMP 210 inverter-based welder is finally here. Ready to tackle, steel, stainless and aluminum projects. Featuring professional-grade arc characteristics and full-featured digital controls which enable fine-tuning of the arc performance to deliver superior welds. This system weighs in at just 29 lbs and offs dual-voltage 120/230V flexibility. The power to weight ratio is unbeatable! Take this welder wherever the work takes you - around the shop, in the field or at home in your garage.

Key Features
  • ESAB EMP 210 is a Multi-Process MIG/Flux Cored/Stick/Lift TIG welding system with a 10 - 200A output. Stable Lift TIG arc at low amperage for total control; power to run Stick electrodes up to 5/32"
  • MIG/Flux cored welder with a 30 - 200A output; welds material from 22 gauge
  • Spool gun-ready for MIG aluminum with optional spool gun and optional remote foot control for lift TIG welding. (Spool gun and remote foot control are sold separately) 
  • Digital controls with large easy to read LED display enable fast, easy and more accurate operation
  • Improve welding results with advanced functions typically found on industrial machines: MIG wire run- in, burn-back, variable inductance, 2T/4T trigger control, Lift TIG arc starts, gas pre and post-flow, stick hot start and arc force control.
  • Portability and flexibility to weld in a variety of locations. Bath units weight 29 lbs, connect to 120/230V primary power and are compatible with 10 kVa generators.

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