Miller Classic Heavy Duty MIG / Stick Gloves

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Classic Gloves are traditional in design, yet still feature craftsmanship, materials and features not found in basic welding gloves. This HD glove is intended for MIG/Stick welding applications.

Pig Grain and Split Leather

Pig grain palm in combination with pig split back and cuff provides abrasion, puncture and moisture resistance.

Heat Handling Material 

Designed and insulated with reflective insulation for heat handling. Moisture-wicking fleece and foam elevate comfort.

Pre-Curved Fingers

Designed with pre-curved fingers for ergonomic fit and maximum comfort.

Keystone Thumb Design 

A keystone thumb design for added dexterity. 

Flame Resistant Kevlar

Sewn with 100% flame-resistant Kevlar thread for maximum seam strength and protection.