CK Worldwide SL2-25M 25mm Gas-Thru Male Safe-Loc Dinse Connector

Sale price$54.00


The CK dinse 25 (3/8" 9.5mm) gas cooled Safe-Loc cable connector system is an efficient and safe way to connect your TIG power cables. All electrical connections are insulated with a rugged poly-resin clamshell. The Tweco or Dinse style twist lock fitting are available. Many new inverter TIG power supplies use a dinse style connector replacing the old lug system. For use with: Miller Maxstar 150STL series machine.

  • Torch Type:  Air
  • Style:  25 Dinse
  • Lug Connector Size:  3/8"
  • Fuse Block:  No
  • For Use With:  CK9, 17, 130, 150, FL130, FL150, MR70

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