CK Worldwide D2GS332LD 9/20 Series Gas Saver Kit, 3/32"

Sale price$89.00


Gas Saver Kits provide better gas coverage than standard collet bodies. One of the first industry designs with a heat resistant clear glass cup, they can be used on a variety of applications and are very useful in maintaining clear visibility of the weld. The large diameter kits work very well for exotic metals and alloys such as Titanium and Inconel by providing premium shielding gas coverage over your weld.


  • Saves up to 40% of shielding gas consumption
  • Available in Glass Cup (Size 18) or Alumina Cup (Size 18)
  • Used on 2 Series (9 / 20 Style) & 3 Series (17 / 18 / 26 Style) TIG torches
  • Kit Includes: Heatshield, Collet, Collet Body, Tungsten Adapter Screen, and Glass or Alumina Cup

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