CK Worldwide CK20-25 200A Water-Cooled TIG Torch, 25ft

Sale price$129.00


 Hand-Held Water-Cooled TIG Welding Torch

  • 7-1/2" (19.0cm) 3 oz (85gm)
  • 2 Series Head Accessories
CK Worldwide uses a unique head assembly that provides the largest water jacket available in an 20 series torch. With this type of construction, CK provides over 4 x the surface area for maximum heat transfer versus other torch heads! 
  • Amperage:  250 Amp
  • Cable Type:  3-Piece Standard
  • Rated Output:  250 Amp ACHF or DCSP
  • Type:  Water Cooled
  • Head Style:  Rigid Head without Valve
  • Consumable Series:  2 Series
  • Torch Style:  Standard
  • Length:  25 ft.
  • Torch Series:  CK20

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