CK Worldwide 9/20 Series Super Cups, 10pk

Cup Style: Standard
Cup Size: #4 Cup
Sale price$127.00 Regular price$217.00


The right nozzle for the toughest TIG welding applications is the CK Worldwide Super Cup. Super Cups withstand high-amperage and high-reflective heat applications while minimizing cracking problems related to thermal shock.

  • Lasts longer in high heat applications than alumina cups
  • Reduces downtime
  • Reduces the cost of replacement parts
  • Reduces effects of nozzle erosion
  • Reduces thermal conductivity by approximately 40%

Compatible Torches

  • CK9
  • CK20
  • CK25
  • CK100
  • CK110
  • CK130
  • CK200
  • CK230
  • FL2L Flex-Loc Heads
  • CKM230
  • CWH230
  • CWM230

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