28-pc Clamping Kit with FixturePoint Table

Model: FixturePoint Welding Table + 28-pc. Kit (TBHK100)
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TBHK100 is a complete Modular Fixturing Kit for the set-up of 4x SQUARE Tubing frames.

Part No. Description Weight (lb)
TBHK100 FixturePoint Welding Table + Kit TBK1-28 82
TBK1-28 28-piece Clamp and Component Kit for SQUARE stock 10

* For holding round tubing frames, check the fixturing kit TBHK200 instead.

TBHK100 includes:

fixturepoint table

FixturePoint Table

TBH36244 x1

Inserta Clamp for FixturePoint Table

Inserta Clamp

UBN110 x4

Positioning Stop, TBXS2538

Positioning Stop

TBXS2538 x4


T64203 x4

D-Stop Bars

T60632 x4

Threaded Adaptor

TXB6204 x4

Magnetic Rest Buttons

T50737 x8



Insert the clamps into any hole on the tabletop for fast hold-down clamping.

positioning stop installed on fixturepoint table

Mount the Positioning Stop on the tabletop to locate and stop stock.

Stops can be inserted directly on the tabletop or D Stop Bars to locate and stop stock.

Use Threaded Adaptors to mount the D-Stop Bars on the tabletop to locate and stop stock.

Mount the threaded adaptor underneath tabletop to convert any table hole to an M10 threaded hole.

Place the Magnetic Rest Buttons anywhere on the table to elevate and level stock.

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