24-pc Clamping Kit with FixturePoint Table

Model: FixturePoint Welding Table + 24-pc. Kit (TBHK200)
Sale price$340.00 Regular price$516.00


TBHK200 is a complete Modular Fixturing Kit for the set-up of 4x ROUND Tubing frames.

Part No. Description Weight (lb)
TBHK200 FixturePoint Welding Table + Kit TBK2-24 78
TBK2-24 24-piece Clamp and Component Kit for ROUND stock 6


* For holding square tubing frames, check the fixturing kit TBHK100 instead.


TBHK200 includes:

fixturepoint table

FixturePoint Table

TBH36244 x1

Inserta Clamp for FixturePoint Table

Inserta Clamp

UBN110 x4

vblock, v-block


T64216 x8

V-Block Spacer

T64211 x4

D-Stop Bars

T60632 x4

Threaded Adaptor

TXB6204 x4

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